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In 2006, two brothers with just a few tools and a truck were working as siding installers when they discovered an opportunity in the exterior finishing market that seemed to be unfilled. A market for people who wanted to bring the best exterior finishing products and services to the best customers. A market for people who took pride in what they did and were able to scale it. A market that should have been full but, incredibly, wasn’t. It is not uncommon to find small owner operated installers who take pride in their work, or to find large companies who can handle large projects. The gap between these two is that it is very rare to find someone who can offer the top quality that consumer’s desire and expect while being able to handling large volume. Surely, with their combined experience and passion, the Rom Bros knew they could do better, and take siding installation to the next level. And so, Rom Bros Exteriors Inc. was formed.

In the decade since, the Rom Bros’ dedication to exceptional customer service and top-notch installations of the best quality products has made us a leading name in the Edmonton siding market. Still guided by their family business roots, they now have over 40 employees bringing industry-leading skilled trades’ people and products to all their projects, from residential through multi-family and even commercial projects. We have the expertise, manpower, equipment and dedication to tackle any project and stand proudly behind what they produce every day.

Of course, anyone can make these kinds of claims, so don’t just take our word for it. We’ve got the credentials and experience to back them up:


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